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Precision Machining

Our core competency. We provide the highest level of custom machining service.
Have a print and need a part? We’re ready.
Don’t have a print but know what you’re looking for? No problem.
No print and no clear solution? We offer production engineering support.

We have the latest equipment and experience in machining a wide variety of materials including:
     Inconel                       Graphite
     Copper                       Steel
     Plastics                      Bronze
     Stainless Steel         Aluminum

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Engineered Solutions

Have an improvement idea but need help making your vision a reality?
Losing long-term improvement opportunities because you have too many daily fires to fight?

We can serve as your engineering partner and force multiplier. Let us help you solve issues and move from concept to production ready. We’ll be ready to offer tailored, effective solutions for your operation.

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Maintenance & Repair Parts

Keeping your plant running can be a challenge. Let us help! We manufacture all types of custom replacement parts and consumables and support MRO teams with:
Stocking programs. Keeping up with fluctuating part demand is difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a supply team on your side? We can stock, deliver and replenish as your needs require.
Need it soon? We can typically offer quick turnaround options.
Have an improvement idea for a current part? Let’s make it happen.

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Platinum Plating Fixtures

We design and manufacture platinum plating fixtures for multiple customers across the globe. We understand the criticality of a robust design that ensures maximum plating performance. If you plate with platinum, we speak your language.

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Custom Industrial Blades

We can supply nearly any industrial knife blade for your operation.
Custom shapes, diameters, profiles or tear notches? We can do.

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We can fabricate to your print or simply your vision. From a simple bracket to a complex titanium plating fixture assembly, we’re ready to build.

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One Source Via Strategic Partner

We recognize that no shop can perform every service needed to deliver the wide range of processed parts we supply. So, we’ve developed a local, regional and global network of production partners to ensure we can supply nearly any finished part with focused expertise. This network gives us flexible capacity to say “yes” to your needs.

We chase details so you don’t have to. One call. One source. One solution.

It’s the Dreier Way.

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Reverse Engineering

OE supplier price too high?
Lead-time too long?
Obsolete part?

We can solve these problems through reverse engineering and manufacturing your parts.



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